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Ginger Snap

zwei gipfeli, bitte


that's about the extent of my swiss german/german knowledge...written, that is. i lived in basel with my aunt and with a swiss family (in liestal, to be precise) for one year. it's been four years, and i'm now 25 and back "home" in america, although it never really feels like home when you've spent time overseas. basel was definitely my home for more than the year i was able to stay there.

not sure what direction this community is going to head in, but i'm excited to possibly meet and greet some cool folks who love basel, live in basel, or are simply curious.

i remember my first day in basel really well. my aunt insisted that i not succumb to jet lag, so she made me walk the entire city. we started on her street, pilgerstrasse and made our way up by the train station, down to barfüsserplatz, to marktplatz and then we dangled our feet in the rhein. it freaked me out severly to see mcdonalds less than two blocks from the mittlerrheinbrücke, as i had hoped that all things "american" would have left me in the airplane. i wasn't really interested in partaking in a cheeseburger royale.

subsequent weeks were spent working, as an au pair, traveling to such places as bern, zürich, grindelwald, valais, alsace, freiburg and beyond. i love switzerland. i truly feel like a part of me will always be there, will always want to live there.

thanks for making this community,
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Hi! :) Wow, the first person posting here. I actually opened this community a few weeks ago, but never advertised it. It's great to hear from you!

I live about 10 minutes outside of Liestal. It sounds like you feel about Switzerland the way I feel about Canada. I lived there for two years and am working on going back soon. ;)

Oh, I found some interesting stuff in your interests. ;)

Hope to hear more from you!
Hmmm, funny... wanna swap? :-) I feel like I'm being suffocated here in Switzerland and I really want to move to the US. I've spent a couple of months in San Diego and then spent more time travelling the lenght of California and I also went places in Arizona. Still, my heart is in San Diego and this is where I want to live.
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