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Food & Drink - Your fav restaurants and bars!

Hi all, it's the Newbie again... LOL... I'm posting in English, so everyone understands me. Trying to bring some life into this community. I'm going out for dinner with my friend tonight. And I figured, why not list a couple of my fav places to eat and drink? This might be interesting to visitors, too. 

It'll be great if you guys would tell us about your fav places as well - I'm always eager to learn about other restaurants and bars!

So tonight, we'll have Sushi at Yoko's Sushi. Sure, Sushi in Switzerland is mostly a joke, but if you really need a quick Sushi-fix, I like going to that place. I like the little moving plates where you just grab whatever strikes your fancy. ;-) Plus, the prices are o.k. Sure, still expensive, but manageable.

Then there's a fairly new Bar-Lounge-Restaurant called Noohn. I really like the Bar/Lounge, it's comfy. Lots of Yuppies and Bankers there *giggles* but that's o.k. The beer is good. LOL They also have a Sushibar - VERY expensive, though. I haven't tried the restaurant yet, but I guess the prices are pretty high, too. 

One of my all-time favourites is Papa Joe's. Love the ambience, the food, the drinks. They call it an "American Restaurant & Caribbean Cocktail Bar". Perfect for a fun dinner with friends or a after-work drink with ze girlz! (They have wonderful Margaritas there...)

Aida is a moroccan restaurant. It actually belongs to the Dad of one of my friends. The food there is great! And you must try real moroccan "Thé à la menthe" after dinner! Plus, there's sometimes a belly-dancer performing... 

There are tons of other places I like, but I guess I stop babbling now. ;-) Your turn now! LOL
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