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Food & Drink - Your fav restaurants and bars! [Tuesday, March 6th, 2007]

Hi all, it's the Newbie again... LOL... I'm posting in English, so everyone understands me. Trying to bring some life into this community. I'm going out for dinner with my friend tonight. And I figured, why not list a couple of my fav places to eat and drink? This might be interesting to visitors, too. 

It'll be great if you guys would tell us about your fav places as well - I'm always eager to learn about other restaurants and bars!

So tonight, we'll have Sushi at Yoko's Sushi. Sure, Sushi in Switzerland is mostly a joke, but if you really need a quick Sushi-fix, I like going to that place. I like the little moving plates where you just grab whatever strikes your fancy. ;-) Plus, the prices are o.k. Sure, still expensive, but manageable.

Then there's a fairly new Bar-Lounge-Restaurant called Noohn. I really like the Bar/Lounge, it's comfy. Lots of Yuppies and Bankers there *giggles* but that's o.k. The beer is good. LOL They also have a Sushibar - VERY expensive, though. I haven't tried the restaurant yet, but I guess the prices are pretty high, too. 

One of my all-time favourites is Papa Joe's. Love the ambience, the food, the drinks. They call it an "American Restaurant & Caribbean Cocktail Bar". Perfect for a fun dinner with friends or a after-work drink with ze girlz! (They have wonderful Margaritas there...)

Aida is a moroccan restaurant. It actually belongs to the Dad of one of my friends. The food there is great! And you must try real moroccan "Thé à la menthe" after dinner! Plus, there's sometimes a belly-dancer performing... 

There are tons of other places I like, but I guess I stop babbling now. ;-) Your turn now! LOL
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Hi there! [Monday, March 5th, 2007]


Who'd have thought that there's a Basel LJ-community?! Awesome! I grew up and lived in the vicinity of Basel all my life. (with the exception of a couple of months where I lived in sunny California. I want to go back there, BTW). 
Anyways, just dropping y'all a quick note and saying "Hi!"


Incoming student [Friday, February 2nd, 2007]

Hi! I'm Nate; I hope to come to Basel in the fall to study at the Schola Cantorum (part of the Musik-Akademie der Stadt Basel). I am beginning to learn German, and will take an intensive language course before I arrive, so I'll be able to at least speak standard German (if not Baseldytsch) a bit.

Do you have suggestions for an American who is coming to Basel? What is the best way to find an apartment?

I'm bringing my bicycle to commute to school; is there anything I should know about biking in Basel?

I'm sure I will think of more questions to ask.
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Базель [Thursday, June 1st, 2006]

Пожалуйста, ответьте мне, если кто-нибудь знает!:)

Первая моя нужда - бронь отеля для визы без кредитки (с 30 июля по 4 августа). Нашла только один подходящий, но мест уже нет.
Вторая моя нужда - как в воскресенье днем добраться из аэропорта Цюриха в Базель? хотя бы примерно.

Спасибо, что выслушали:)

Кросс-пост в О Швейцарии с любовью
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about. [Monday, May 29th, 2006]


ha d'Community doh über em ichsahdasmeer si Profile gfunde und doni 16 Joor (Alter 2 bis 18 Joor) z'Basel verbrocht ha für e Biitritt entschiede. Inzwüsche wohni und studieri z'Bärn und wird au z'Bärn bliibe oder wiiter nach Züri züügle :). Mini Familie wohnt immer no z'Rieche, including mi Lieblingshund... Z'Bärn studieri Jus aber ha nit vor Awalt z'wärde sondern öppis anderschts aber weiss nonig genau was :).

I freu mi uff interessanti Diskussione uff Baseldyytsch (vilicht könnets ihr jo wenn ichs scho nit kha :( )

Read u,

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Hei Basel =) [Friday, March 31st, 2006]

[ mood | sick ]

hei Basel,

ich läb in helsinki momentan, ha aber die meischti zyt vo mim lebe in arlesheim (grad bi basel) gwohnt und bi in basel in d'schuel gange =) schön, dass es jetzt au e blog git, wo ich cha uf schwitzerdütsch öpis schribe. immer numme hochdütsch, englisch oder finnisch z'rede isch uf dur irgendwie komisch.
griessli nach basel und bis gli mol wieder =)

heippa hei!!!

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[Friday, February 10th, 2006]

Hey Ho

Also zu mir, ich ha eh d längschti zit vo mim läbe in dr schwiz, oder genauer Mutteny (was so guet wie Basel isch) gwohnt, und wohn jetzt in dem Sunnige Alabama, wo dr Himmel immer blau isch.
Nun, ich weiss nit ob s d community do bringt, aber s isch immer net sich mit schwizern, oder pseudo schwizern z unterhalte.

Grüessli, Johannes

hoi zämä!!!! [Wednesday, December 7th, 2005]

i wott mi gärn vostellä.
Ich bi d'Marina, letschti Jahr bin i ide schwiiz als uustuuschschuäler gsi. (Zürcher Unterland...)
i han s uuu gern ga und vermisse s mega.
manchmal bin i in Basel gsi (wo min fruund gwont hett)
Basel isch n mega geili stadt.
s'isch alles-

zwei gipfeli, bitte [Wednesday, June 8th, 2005]


that's about the extent of my swiss german/german knowledge...written, that is. i lived in basel with my aunt and with a swiss family (in liestal, to be precise) for one year. it's been four years, and i'm now 25 and back "home" in america, although it never really feels like home when you've spent time overseas. basel was definitely my home for more than the year i was able to stay there.

not sure what direction this community is going to head in, but i'm excited to possibly meet and greet some cool folks who love basel, live in basel, or are simply curious.

i remember my first day in basel really well. my aunt insisted that i not succumb to jet lag, so she made me walk the entire city. we started on her street, pilgerstrasse and made our way up by the train station, down to barfüsserplatz, to marktplatz and then we dangled our feet in the rhein. it freaked me out severly to see mcdonalds less than two blocks from the mittlerrheinbrücke, as i had hoped that all things "american" would have left me in the airplane. i wasn't really interested in partaking in a cheeseburger royale.

subsequent weeks were spent working, as an au pair, traveling to such places as bern, zürich, grindelwald, valais, alsace, freiburg and beyond. i love switzerland. i truly feel like a part of me will always be there, will always want to live there.

thanks for making this community,
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[Tuesday, May 17th, 2005]

So this is the Basel-community. Please read the profile for more information. And please take a minute to introduce yourself. No need for details if you're not comfortable.

Also, plug the hell out of this community if you get the chance. I know there's lots of people from Basel on lj. Nid wohr. :D

Your friendly neighbourhood mod,

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